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  • LIVE: AJK election result 2016

    The polling process is underway for the general elections in Azad Jammu & Kashmir in a free, fair, peaceful and transparent manner.

    According to AJK Election Commission, polling began at 8:00am and will continue till 5.00 pm without any formal pause.

    A total of 423 candidates including those belonging to various political parties as well as independent candidates are in the running to win the election to 41 seats to be filled in the direct adult franchise basis.

    A total of 26,74,586 registered voters including 12,28,930 male and 10,06,772 female in all 29 constituencies in all ten districts of Azad Jammu and Kashmir and a total of 4,38884 registered voters including 2,54,817 male and 1,84,067 female in all 12 constituencies meant for Pakistan-based Jammu & Kashmir refugees, would exercise their right of vote.

    To view live results, click here.

    Pakistan Election 2013 Full Coverage

    Non-bailable warrant of newly picked PM issued

    Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) has issued a non-bailable warrant for the arrest of Pakistan Peoples Party’s newly picked candidate for the prime minister’s post, Makhdoom Shahabuddin for his involvement in the Ephedrine case.

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    Gilani no more Prime Minister

    The Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled Speaker National Assembly Fehmida Mirza’s ruling as void and declared Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani stood disqualified from 26 April.

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    PPP leader Fauzia Wahab passes away

    The PPP leader, Fauzia Wahab passed away at a Karachi hospital on Sunday. She was 56.

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    List of media anchors paid by Malik Riaz

    14th June, 2012 become a day of surprises for both media and their followers as first a leaked offline conversation of a talk show provoked public anger against media and then a 3 pager list of famous journalists’ paid by Bahria Town tells people that Money Can Buy Anything in Pakistan.

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    Two suicide attacks at Shah Ghazi’s Shrine Karachi: Seven dead

    KARACHI: Seven people, among children have been killed and fifty others injured in two suicide blasts at the main gate of shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi in Clifton on Thursday. Read More

    London to hit devastating earthquake any time: Expert

    LONDON: A leading seismologist has warned that a potentially devastating earthquake could hit London at any time, which could endanger scores of lives and cause billions of pounds worth of damage.

    Dr. Roger Musson, of the British Geological Survey, said that a sub-sea fault under the Straits of Dover that has caused two large earthquakes in the past 700 years could strike again at any time. Read More

    Musharraf’s security, protocol to be withdrawn

    After the UN fact finding reports regarding assassination of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, the UK government has decided to withdraw the facilities including security and protocol of former President Pervez Musharraf.

    According to details former President Pervez Musharraf was being provided security and protocol in the United Kingdom (UK) but it has been decided to withdraw all the facilities provided to him.

    It is pertinent to mention that former President was getting the facility of security by retired SSG commandos while he was also getting the services of 4 Scotland Yard personnel and a vehicle for his security, which would now be withdrawn.

    The UK government has also refused to extend the visas of his security guards.

    Legal Advisor of former President, Fawad Chaudhary has refuted the facts and said that Gen (Retd.) Pervez Musharraf would continue getting facilities and there was no change in his security and protocol.

    He said that former President would return to Pakistan soon however he could not confirm any date or month. He added that Pervez Musharraf never had permanent vehicle or guards however he gets these facilities when needed.

    Take big bites to lose weight

    The age-old advice to chew your food properly may not always be best for your health. Research shows that taking bigger bites and chewing less was better for people watching their weight.

    Lincoln’s Plant & Food Research scientists have been on a six-year mission to discover what foods make us feel satisfied and how best to eat them.

    Team leader food structure engineering Marco Morgenstern said taking bigger bites and chewing less was better for people watching their weight as the food was broken down more slowly in the stomach.

    This meant people felt fuller for longer and the slow release of energy could be burnt off over time.

    However, sportspersons need the quick energy hit from partially digesting food in the mouth, so they would be better off eating softer foods and chewing for longer.

    “The way people chew the food depends more on the food’s properties, not the individual, so you can design food which people won’t chew much and [food they] will chew a lot,” Morgenstern said.

    Baking technology scientist Arran Wilson spends his days making different sizes and structures of muesli bars to test the research.

    Bars could be made to help people with diseases such as diabetes who needed slow-release food to keep their glucose levels stable.

    Business manager Tim Lindley said the research team had tested 3,000 foods for their effect on blood glucose levels, reflecting how quickly they released energy into the body.

    Their findings included the benefits of eating whole-oat muesli and wholegrain bread which made people feel satisfied for longer. Pasta was also found to have slow-release energy.

    Lindley said fad diets that encouraged people to stop eating carbohydrates were unhealthy. About half of a person’s food energy intake should be carbohydrates, the key was knowing which ones to eat and when, he said according to a University of Canterbury release.

    The research team has created an online diet programme called Aspire for Life which has been clinically tested at Otago University.