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Who was behind the rumours of emergency???


Finally another topic has been closed when President General Musharraf said, “ no emergency would be imposed in the country”.

The ticker “Emergency has been imposed in the country: sources” was first appeared on a local Pakistani News channel which later on, not only circulate widely in the country but also raised eye brows of some international countries.

Though every single Minister denied that no such decision has been taken, our immature media continue quoted their sources – no body knows who they are—that President has Okayed the decision of emergency.

Later on it has been said that the suggestion to impose emergency in the country was actually given by Chaudhry brothers with the support of Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz.

Whereas close associates of President Musharraf had opposed the imposition of emergency in the country and were of the stance that emergency would be viewed as weakness of both the president and the government and would increase difficulties for the president if it would be challenged in the Supreme Court. Therefore he should make a balanced decision, he was told, and moreover the country’s situation is not at that point that an emergency should be imposed. Also such a step would increase international; pressure on Pakistan, his associates advised.

Ch Shujaat when felt that President is hesitating to impose emergency he then hosted a dinner in honour of PML women parliamentarian and leaked the story that president was to impose emergency in the country in one or two days and the decision in this respect is final and the president would soon issue a notification in this regard.

This planed story then leaked and started airing news of emergency; soon the rumours circulated in the entire country creating panic amongst the public.

So basically this rumour comes out from the home of Ch Shujaat and our childish media makes it worst by tickling the news on every single minute despite the clarification given by some Ministers against emergency.

So at the end both Ch Shujaat and our Media are behind the saga of provoking the rumours emergency.

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