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10th day of journalist protesting against the curbs on electronic and print media

Journalists, lawyers, political workers and civil society activists on Sunday staged protest demonstrations against curbs on Media in all major cities and towns of the country.

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The journalists community on Sunday continued with their countrywide protest demonstrations for 10th Day against the curbs on electronic and print media and closure of private TV Channels.

In this connection, the journalists of twin-cities on the call of Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) held a protest rally in front of ARYOne office against the shutdown of Geo TV and ARYOne channel on Sunday.

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Members of the civil societies, lawyers, students, workers of the political parties and peoples from all walks of life participated in the protest demonstration.

On the occasion, President PFUJ, Huma Ali in his address said that Journalist’s struggle is continuing since last 60-years. He condemned the PEMRA’s black laws on media. He also paid tribute to the lawyers who are serving in the jails for the independence of judiciary.

He further said that he had met with newly appointed Chairman of Press Council of Pakistan, Javed Iqbal and he is a good man. Therefore, we are not going to opposed him.

President Rawalpindi Islamabad Union of Journalists, Afzal Butt in his address strongly condemned the kidnapping of senior Journalist Shoaib Bhutta and said that hand of intelligence agencies in abducting Shoaib Bhutta might not be ruled out.

He has also given the ultimatum of 24 hours to the responsible authorities for the early recovery of Shoaib Bhutta.

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Director News ARYOne, Mohsin Raza in his speech said, we are not fear of such curbs. We will continue our struggle for the freedom of expression till last. Our struggle not meant for the freedom of media rather it is struggle for the free and independent judiciary, restoration of constitution and reinstatement of Chief Justice.

Hamid Mir accused government that it has not only killed Hayat Ullah but later on also killed his wife. He was punished for writing the truth. He said that such situation continues to prevail then we all have to face the same destiny.

Renowned journalists Talat Hussain in his address stressed upon the government to restore all private TV Channels and FM Radios which were put off air.

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