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World-first mobile phone watch

MOVE over Dick Tracy – an Australian company has created the world’s smallest mobile phone in a wristwatch.

The M500, developed by Queensland-based SMS Technology, weighs just 60 grams and is a quad band phone that will take a regular SIM card to make and receive calls.

The watch phone is also water resistant and has a 3.8cm touch screen, a 128MB internal memory and can even play MP3 music and MP4 video.

Dick Tracy’s two-way wrist radio was first introduced in 1946, and many believe it to have been the early precursor of later technological developments, such as mobile phones, but there is no denying that the M500 is a lot more sophistocated.

Users can also send and receive SMS and MMS messages and connect wirelessly to hands free kits, headsets and other compatible devices using Bluetooth.

It is ideal for travellers because, being quad band, a user can use the M500 in any country around the world.

The product was developed by SMS Technology and evolved from another concept called M Trak which allowed parents to track children via the SIM cards in their mobiles.

M Trak could send an email if the phone went outside a specified area like a school.

SMS Technology decided to take the concept a step further by developing a product that can be strapped to your arm like a watch.

And the idea for the M500 mobile phone watch was born.

“We did some research and development and worked with a few other companies to work on the miniaturisation,” an SMS Technology spokesman said.

“It’s taken four years to get to this point. The reason Nokia and Motorola haven’t made something like this is because they would have to focus 100 per cent on one product which is what we’ve done.”

But the price of having a mobile phone in your wristwatch doesn’t come cheap. The M500 is priced at $1000.


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