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In the line of Taliban

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Musharraf offers to return to power in Pakistan
Pregnant women with morning sickness have brighter kids: study
IS there anyone to raise voice against Ansar Abbasi?
Watch video of Nazir Naji famous columnist abuses a journalist on Phone
PAKISTAN could collapse within months
I like dogs: Pervez Musharraf
The Ministry of Youth Affairs deprived so many youngsters to enriched their own
Shariat decisions cannot be challenged in courts: Sufi
Ready to forgive Musharraf for integrity of Pakistan:Mulana Aziz
Laughter may reduce diabetes risk: Study
I will not apologize: Sheikh Rashid
Pakistani tribal Taliban executed a person under the Islamic principle of Qisas on the charges of killing one of their comrades.



  1. muslim?

    strange that this link has 233 comments


    but this link has zero comment.

    muslim indeed. hypocrite indeed.

  2. pakikaki

    Forget Muslim. Are they even humans ?.

  3. Tolly Ban

    They’re beasts. But we have to remain human. When ppl can’t tell the difference, those bastards win.

  4. usman

    wow GUYs hold on. wass up with tolly and kaki? i don`t know if you have a religion or Darwin is your God just kidding. any way lets come to the point. Islam says the one who forgive is much better then who take revange but lets see if i kill your dad or someone u love alot i am talking to tolly, kaki or anybody who think islam is not about US (human) (i don`t wanted to be rude but i have to so you can feel it) you will come fast to take revange NO? or you are white blooded? and thats what islam says it is your right to take revange. what is wronge with the pics above is that we should not propogate those kind of things.

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