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Pakistan to hit another earthquake: geophysicists

Country to hit another earthquake: geophysicists

Michael Jackson to be buried without his Brain

Michael Jackson to be buried without his Brain

The two earthquakes which hit the country on September 5 and 6, raises eye brows of the geo physicist and the earthquake technology experts who, then, predict that these earthquakes are foreshocks and this could bring a major higher magnitude earthquake.
The magnitude of the two earthquakes that occur on Friday and Saturday recorded 5.1 and 5.7 on Richter scale.

This was predicted by a geophysicist Omer Mazoor and the only woman who has done PHD in earthquake technology, Mona Lisa.

Both experts said that the two earthquakes were actually the foreshocks after then a major and higher magnitude earthquake could be occurred.

The prediction scared whole nation especially those who had already suffered by the disastrous earthquake of October 8, 2005.

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  1. Aamir Asghar

    I just come to this web page by diverting from the google search.
    I dont think Pakistani Geophysicists and Geologists are able to predict an earthquake.I can assure all the nation that counteries having advance technology in the field of science still hopeless in prdicting an earthquake.So, If Mona Lisa or any other Geophysicist says that we have a coming earthquake at ….am/pm in the month of jan,feb…….etc is a wrong predictor as a student of Earthscience I can say there is a possibility of earthquake but don,t know when.
    I dont know why Omer and M lisa said that these are foreshocks how they come to know about these shocks.these can be afterchocks of 8th Oct earthquake or these can be the main shocks.
    I just request to these illeterate Scientists FOR GOD SAKE don,t make the people sleepless and force themn to live in Traume.
    US is enough for poor Pakizz and please don,t stand in the row where US Politics stands to make us fool.
    People who want to know about these desasters can email me at jojaaamir@gmail.com.Insha Allah will guide them.
    Allah Hafiz
    Thanks Jazba

    • I am also a geological student.I also agree with you and i dont agree with the people who calculate the time of quake.

  2. God

    You are all deserving of an earthquake you Pakistani devils who are a disgrace to humanity and to Me.

    There shall be an earthquake on the 17th to shake you out of your evilness!

    Behold it then!

    • they r sum people in the world need sum education…

  3. Hi. I am a student of planetary science at Manchester University, UK. I am surprised to know that Pakistani scientists are like magicians who predict the future like astrologers. Here in UK at least, there is no way to predict earthquake’s location and time. At maximum one can predict that earthquake ‘may’ come. But this ‘may’ is highly unscientific. First of all there is proper way to know that it is general earthquake or a foreshock! You must know the location of ‘Real Earthquake’ to know the foreshocks, that is why, Aftershocks are easily determined.

    BUT if Pakistan has acheived the technology, then I dont understand where are our highly competitive scientists on the International stage? Where the hell they are hiding?


  4. yes, one must be informed enough to make such stupid predictions!

  5. scary stuff

    • imagen it happing here

  6. cameron

    up to you..

  7. Raj

    What the Pakis think they are God or what? Bragging is in their culture.


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