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Love has no age: Shujaat Hussain falls in love with Kashmala Tariq

Flourishing a good example for over age people and proven that love has no age limits, the Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) President Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain, delve his heart and falls in love with Kashmala Tariq and to show his love he calls her many times a day, sources near Shujaat Hussain revealed.

“It’s neither a love at both sides nor its one sided love (Shujaat’s end) in fact it is a 50/50 love (Kashmala’s end)” sources told.

Sources told that Shujaat Hussain calls at Kashmala’s cell number numerous times a day—in which many calls missed after not being attended—and express his love towards her tactically.

Kashmala Tariq is one of few beautiful women who elected for the member of National Assembly and become glamorous MNA, not only for male MNA’s, but also for media.

“Shujaat’s love is not a puppy love where two youngsters meet and talk with each other by holding hand, but it is a love, in which Shujaat offers Kashmala to visit his home so they could have lunch or dinner (sometimes) together” sources added.

It has said that Love is blind but whether Kashmala accepts this theory or not lets wait and watch.

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  1. Kumar

    I love kashmala.From India.

  2. ali

    kasmala kisi kanjri ki aulad hai

  3. TEMUR

    shugaat hussain ko apni age ka khayaal karna chaye,aur os ko siyasat chor deni chaye, woh iss kabil nahi k mulk k leye sooche..

  4. Mohd ali

    Kashmala is mulk ki achi siyasat daan hai hme un ki qadar krni chahiye.

  5. shani

    kashmala is a nice women.

  6. waleed ahmad

    Kashmala madam servce as a commondo for the country and women rights and we should respect her.
    she is made from 3 words unity dicipline and faith.

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