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What is the duty of Rehman Malik?

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Whenever there is an attack in Pakistan, the first condemning statement came from the person is none other than the Minister of Interior Rehman Malik, and most of the time the statement starts with the line “we already knew about this attack”.

Now it is quite strange that if the Minister and his team already knew about every ongoing attack then why do they let this attack happened?

It is very clear that Mr. Malik and his team is totally failed to provide security to the citizens of Pakistan even the most high security zones are now not safe.

The question now rises that what is the duty of Rehman Malik if he is unable to provide security?

Is he only responsible to come in front of media and explain how the attacker came and how he blown himself up?

Is his duty is to visit the injured persons and give them bouquets and a basket of fruit?

To talk about all this is not a criticism against Rehman Malik in fact it’s against our Minister of Interior who is responsible to provide security and if he is failed then he is not the right man for the ministry he should joined the ministry which better suits him.

A really close associate of Rehman Malik has informed that since Malik joined interior Ministry the expenditures has been doubled “His breakfast, lunch and dinner came from Marriot since he has joined the Ministry” he added.

It also revealed that the minister does not like to travel in passenger flights; wherever he goes outside the capital he hires a charted aircraft.

This is the only man who has not only been criticized by the opposition but also by his own partymen but why he is still in government? Nobody knows.


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