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SMS service to be seized in Pakistan: Rehman Malik

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Advisor to Prime Minister A. Rehman Malik has said Short Messaging Service (SMS) will be seized in Pakistan if the negative usage of this service will not be stopped.

While talking in a press briefing he said that severe actions will be taken against those who use this service for terrorisms and involved person will be charged under the act of terrorism.

It’s worth mentioning to know that currently 70% of the population in Pakistan is using mobile phones among which most them are those who send more than 500 text messages each day.

The seizing of SMS will be a big shock for these text addicts also for the mobile companies as this service is a big source of income for these cellular companies.


  1. The seizing of SMS service is not the solution knowing that Pakistan is one the leading country in SMS Growth.

  2. i think that is not possible.

    • Amir

      em agred wid u i cnt live wid out it………….

  3. ssl

    its just a stupid thing to seize sms…n nothing else

  4. ssl

    its impossible to seize sms…

  5. pinky

    please dont do such a bad to the people of pakistn..!we depend on it as we cant afford the high prices of calls..

  6. yasir

    This is the most stupidest thing they have ever said. They are saying that each SMS will cost 5-6 ruppees so as to prevent terrorism. Really? What do you think, these terrorists who are funded in millions those who have multi million dollar weaponry will just say “Oh, the SMS costs 6 ruppees so I am not gonna text otherwise my balance wil lrun out” and voila! terrorsism prevented…Wow….Morons

  7. omar

    The thing that is pintching rehman malik are the sms against him and Zardari.
    He should focus on why people are sending these SMS rather than focusing on who is sending them.

  8. sinnner fellow

    he must be kidding , such a professional perxon and saying such things, oh man doesnt suite him he may be joking,
    its not the solution of such problem.
    stoping sms willnt stop them,
    as one of fellows said they play in millions and they will care for free sms’s?
    haha its something stupid yar.

  9. That won`t do!
    signature: http://hixoh.ru

  10. Amir

    plzzzz dnt do dis stupitnesssss fng

  11. saad zafar

    the sms seizing law has been cancelled. zardari is a piece of shit nd he cant enforce sucha huge law. BARKING DOGS SELDOM BITE. there is a thing known as freedom of speech nd not even Obama , let alone zardari can stop that. If ur reading this zardari(which i doubt considering u cant read english), BALLS TO U!!!


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