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Some questions still remain unanswered

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Posted by Sher Khan

Although I have never indulged in politics but all my sympathies are with the Bhutto family sadly none of the Bhuttos now live. MR. Z A BHUTTO, all his sons & his deligient daughter.We as a nation know all the facts but sadly no one wants to indulge with criminals.

Some questions however remain unanswered. May some one throw some light on the following:

1. When Murtaza Bhutto had a brawl with Zardari at Islamabad airport,and his men shaved off one moustache of Zardari, what followed?

2. If any citizen of Pakistan wants a sensitive job, he needs a character certificate from the Police that he is not involved in any criminal activity,is the job of a president not sensitive?

3, Why did Mr. rehman Malik rush to Islamabad after the murder of Benazir Bhutto,when opponents like Nawaz Sharif also visited the hospital.

4. Has PPP not been hijacked? when people closest to Benazir have been sidelined.

5. Mr. Rehman Malik( Shaitan Malik) declared on TV interview that the murder of Mr.Shainshah(Chief Secuirty officer of Benazir) was a result of personal enemity, why should he give such a comment and close the case?Does this not smell bad?

6. Was Major (Retired) Imtiaz SSP Security with Benazir Bhutto( who was driving the SUV of Benazir) not a class fellow of Zardari at Petaro?

7. Who were the people who stopped the SUV of Benazir and why did Imtiaz not prevent her from exposing herself?

8. Where is Imtiaz now?How and under whose orders was Imtiaz inducted into Police? These questions are just the tip of the iceberg. Time will tell and Divine justice shaLL certainly come into play for the rules of Nature have been violated and Nature always follows its own course.

9. Was Benazir at talking terms with Zardari? why was he living thousands of miles away from her and the children? My Sympathies with the children of Benazir if Zardari was responsible for her murder then he shall face the Wrath of Nature nad not even the powerful position of the Presidency shall save him 5.


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