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1,171,68 people migrated from Swat, Buner and Lower Dir

Of the newly displaced people who have fled recent conflict in Swat, Buner, Lower Dir 1,171,682 individuals have now been registered since 2 may 09.

Of these, 130, 950 are living in camps and 1,040 732 are living outside of camps.In addition to this, there are internally displaced people who fled fighting primarily in Bajaur (since August 08), Mohamand (since Novemeber 08) agencies in FATA and in Swat since (January 09) already registsered in NWFP.

The total number of registered is 553,916. (of which 91,004 are in camps; an 462, 912 are out of camps)This brings the total number of registered IDPs in NWFP to 1,725,598. (of which 221,954 are in camps; and 1,503,644 are outside of camps.)

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