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PML-N MPA Gill booked in rape case

LAHORE – Naseerabad police Tuesday registered a case against Adviser to Chief Minister Punjab and PML-N MPA Munawar Ahmad Gill and his accomplices who allegedly raped a 35-year-old woman at a hotel in Gulberg.

In the FIR, Tahira Perveen, a resident of Green Town, alleged that Nazir and Rafique, supporters of Munawar illegally had occupied his sister’s agriculture land measuring over 17 kanals. She stated that MPA Munawar Gill from Sialkot made calls on her cell phone giving her assurance that he can help her sister in getting her land vacated. He asked her to visit his Johar Town residence to tell him the whole episode. She said on June 1, munawargill2009, Munawar Gill again made her call that he had come to Lahore from Sialkot and she could meet him in Gulberg. When she along with her neighbourer Manzoor Ahmad reached near Cavalry Ground, Manzoor left her, saying he had to go in hurry due to sudden demise of any of his close relative. She said that she had no option but to go to the hotel alone, she said and added that as soon as she reached the Room no 117 of the said hotel, MPA Munawar Gill asked his friend Nasir to leave the room, saying him that he wanted to talk her alone, The MPA said: “I am staying in the hotel just to resolve your problem”.

When she asked him about his two supporters, Munawar said that they will soon reach the room and then locked the door from inside. “When I raised alarm in protest against the MPA’s act, the MPA took out a pistol and threatened that he would commit suicide after shooting her if she called anybody for help,” she stated. Tahira Parveen alleged the drunk MPA later raped her at gunpoint while his friend remained at the door. She said that when she came out of the room, Munawar’s friend Nasir threatened her not to disclose the matter.

The police have not arrested the MPA till filing of this report.

It is worth mentioning here that it was the third PML-N legislator after Punjab Prison Minister Ch Abdul Ghafoor and MNA Haji Pervez who has been held guilty of violating laws while misusing their powers.


  1. khan

    Munwar Gill shold be punished if he is guilty but we all know that this story will be burried with money and poor wman will have scare for the rest of her life only because of this evil Munwar Gill

    p.s Iam very surprised that he moved to Johar Town from rented accomadition over night by coming a M P . I WONDER HOW

  2. zaheer

    well have heard that Shabaz Sharif is very honest decent respectable person and always looks after poor ppl. But this Munwr Gill rape scandel looming i wonder what Shabaz Sharif will do

    all i can say Mr Sharif please help and get justice for the poor woman and lock EVIL MUNWAR GILL.

  3. Adnan

    well, he should be punished by the law only IF he is guilty. I don’t know this man personally, never seen him either. just know wat was on news. but i still would say that any public representative should not be arrested just because someone files a case against him/her. case should be investigated thoroughly by the people who are not connected to either party and whoever is guilty, should not be let go so easily forgetting his social standing.

  4. zaheer

    iam very surprised Munwar Gill has still not been arrested. Iam sure Pakistan police does not have to wait for D N A results as there will plenty of other evidence such as room no he booked closed circut television and dont forget his mobile phone he used to call his victim, but i keep getting this strange feling that this case will be forgtton in few days. Either the victim will be theartned or D N A results wil be changed and we Pakistani will have a pervert M P and Munwar Gill will laugh all the way to wreck another woman life.

    ps iam sure there are ways to find out if he really was drank in a strict islamic country on the day of the attack by geting some blood samples,or is he allowed to drink cause he ia M P .

  5. Abdul

    This is a true characteristic of our politicians and privileged class. It reminds me a famous rape incident during the Mushraff era. An army Major raped a lady doctor. I remember very well that the poor vulnerable doctor was on one side and the whole Fouj was lined up to protect the rapist major to the other. I think people will still remember that what happened when a police constable stopped the car of a senior army official for driving with tinted glasses. By the way the car was driven by the driver. The identical incident happened at that time. The whole Bhadar Muslah Fauj was lined up against the poor constable. Last but not least it reminds me the chief minister Punjab (Mr. Nakai) who went to the police station to vent his anger when his son was stopped for driving a stolen car.
    I know only one thing for sure! I cannot change this rotten society; however I can change my own self.

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