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Women workers of PPP and PML (Q) scuffle during Punjab budget ceremony

The women workers of Pakistan Muslim League (Q) and Pakistan People’s Party scuffle with each other inside the Punjab Assembly during the Punjab Budget Ceremony. nurgis malik and sameena khawar fight

A tax free budget for the fiscal year 2009-10 with total outlay of 489.83 billion rupees has been presented in Punjab Assembly (PA) while Rs 175 billion have been earmarked for development works.

Budget was announced by Punjab finance minister Tanveer Ashraf Kaira here Tuesday.

But right after the budget ceremony, the women workers of PPP, start saying hard words to the worker of PML (Q) Sameena Khawar.

The fight started by the women worker of PPP, Nurgis Faiz Malik, who offered to built a memorial at the death place of her leader Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, while she was giving this suggestion, Sameena Khawar tried to interrupt her and in response of this interruption Nurgis Faiz Malik said her to “Shut Up”.

It goes worse when Nurgis Faiz Malik refused to listen the House Leader and after the Assembly session she, Sajida Mir and Uzma Bukhari stopped Sameena Khawar at stairs and used hard words and spat at her.

The workers of PPP start scuffling with Sameena Khawar he said “how dare you to say anything about our leader, Benazir Bhutto” whereas Sameena Khawar responded that I cannot say anything wrong to Benazir Bhutto, because she was a great leader and my intention was not to say any thing negative about her.

Despite the confession of PML(Q) lady worker the women workers of PPP specially Nurgis Faiz Malik did not back off and they keep saying the words which are not even writeable.

On this rude behavior of PPP women workers Sameena Khawar said that they are just pretending and wanted to be prominent for their leadership but Nurgis Faiz said that she cannot forgive the one who say anything wrong to her leader.


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