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Nokia N97 launched in Pakistan

The much-awaited Nokia N97 was launched at a local hotel in Karachi. The ambience was decorated in good taste with blue hues all around the hall giving an alluring look to the entire place.nokia-n97

The mood of the event was set by an interesting video shared with the audience about technology transformation. It rightly pointed out the fast pace at which technology has and continues to transform around us. The first great breakthrough in entertainment and technology came with the introduction of cinema which was the 1st screen of our lives, then came TV as the 2nd screen, PCs were the 3rd screen and changed forever the way we work, play and connect with each other. Today is the age of mobile communications and our mobile is now the 4th screen in our lives and the latest technology has transformed our mobile phone into one stop for all our entertainment needs.

Present at the event were Imran Khalid Mahmood, GM, Nokia Pakistan and Henri Mattila, Head of Category Marketing, Nseries Middle East and Africa as Nokia spokesperson who took the audience through their detailed presentations and shared their insights on internet transformation.

Imran Mahmood shared some interesting facts about the increasing popularity of internet services and technology transformation. He said Nokia is playing the lead role in being the transformation leader in the industry and Nokia N97 is the prime example of this. Speaking about his vision for Pakistan, he said “I want every Pakistani to have his first internet experience on a mobile device”. He further added, “As enabler of using best technology to provide internet experience, Nokia has the leading edge in bringing together the most advanced mobile computer. We are living in an internet communication environment. Consumers are now looking for information as and when they need it. Nokia is the answer to all the needs and desires of internet savvy users. With people riding the wave of mobile internet, the appetite for information continues to increase on daily basis. Nokia N97 is a device that helps you to bridge communication gaps. Now you can have the information, whenever, wherever you want it.”

Imran’s presentation was followed by Henri’s who spoke primarily about his expectations from Pakistani market and Nseries. He said, “Pakistan is very much at the forefront of technology. This is the reason why for the first time a Nokia device has been launched in Pakistan parallel to the time of global launch.” Speaking about Nseries and Nokia N97, he said, “N in Nseries stands for ‘next’ or ‘new’. Nseries phones are designed around internet and are made to make internet access through a mobile phone more and more convenient. There are three factors that makes a device a computer; size of display, memory and processing power. Based on these factors, Nokia N97 qualifies as a mobile computer with 3.5” display size, up to 48GB of memory and advanced processing power that has redefined internet entertainment for tech stylists. The best thing about this device is that you can upgrade the software over time. In short, Nokia N97 has all the features to personalize the internet experience for its users.”

The presentations were followed by Q/A session which exhibited the fact that media is really excited about Nokia N97. At the end of Q/A, audience got a chance to have hands-on experience of N97 at stands where ushers briefed the interested people about the specific features of Nokia N97.

Everyone present enjoyed the hi-tea along with casual chattering after the event was over. At the same time, Syntax Communications managed side interviews of Imran Mahmood and Henri Mattila.


  1. Thanks for the posting of NOKIA N97 & its really a nice.

    Danish Hassan
    Senior PR & Marketing Office
    Syntax Communications
    Communication Agency of NOKIA Pakistan
    0092 302 2188336

  2. Yeah, Nokia N97 passed the first 4 tests with flying colours! Although a few marks were cut

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