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Case registers against SRK for commenting on Islam religion

Muslims issue Fatwa against Shahrukh Khan for his statement against Islam

Mumbai, June 17: A social group on Wednesday sought to file a case against actor Shah Rukh Khan for allegedly making some statements against the Islam religion in a magazine, police officials said.

“We have received an application from the group seeking that an FIR be filed against Shah Rukh and will carry out investigations before registering a case,” a senior police official from the Bandra police station said.

He said there was no FIR registered against the actor. The group, Mumbai Aman Committee, claimed that the actor had made some comments in a magazine which had hurt the sentiments of the Muslim community.

“In the July issue of the Time and Style magazine, Shah Rukh has used some unparliamentary language against the Prophet which is unacceptable,” Zarar Qureshi, a senior functionary with the Mumbai Aman Committee, said to a news agency.

“We have sought to file a complaint under section 504 of the IPC (intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of peace) against Shah Rukh Khan and two reporters who were involved in the writing of the article,” Qureshi said.

The group had also held a protest rally against the actor in suburban Santacruz before they went to file the complaint against him, he said.



  1. furrukh

    **** u shahruk ,you are like pig,before you barke any word about pbuh,you die,you think about hazrat muhammad pbuh, the earth is only for hazrat muhammad pbuh,

  2. yeea…shahruk can’t do that, it is not wise thing to do

  3. You are in between in Hinduism and muslim but in foct your not a muslim. If you want to become the right person then u totally come in islam without any barrear but u r not. Islam is only religion that is in full right form till now.You are the people that they take religion as a party not for their right way.

  4. Mr. Goo

    Shahrukh, God will condemn you for this. May your future go to darkness.

  5. sohail abbasi

    shahrukh we feel shame when people call u muslim…we dont want u a muslim…you r not able of any religion..animals are better then u.

  6. Shahid Raees

    im here just to say that if srk u done this shit God will must ask about this. prepare ur self for the fire of hell. look at ur self n shape on u.

  7. rafiull

    oh srk ,,i hop

    Dis is a wrong news,,but if true ,,den u being a mighty celebrity,,,
    Dis is jus an unacceptable……pls make sure u apologize …..pls atlis try 2 tk care ur own relirion islam

  8. oh srk ,,i hop

    Dis is a wrong news,,but if true ,,den u being a mighty celebrity,,,
    Dis is jus an unacceptable……pls make sure u apologize …..pls atlis try 2 tk care ur own relirion islam ……i kno u star values othr 2 much den our1

  9. Zakir Hussain

    Still we don’t know what were the exact words of shahruckh khan, It is not possible that any muslim’s such thinking about HAZRAT MUHAMMAD PBUH.According to me it is early to say something as we don’t know rather then Time megzine what was actually said by shahruckh khan………hope it’ll be wrong.

  10. Ghafoor

    If srk said like this which is publishing in media. Then I will only say he must go hell.If somebody have muslim name this is not enough for be a muslim. because islam has his own idialogy ofcoruse which is batter then all.

  11. shahrukh khan wajabul qatal hai, i was a big fane of shahrukh khan, but now i m against him and he is not a muslim at all. he should be fired

  12. Iqtedar

    Shahrukh also added Nelson Mandala in same sequence as an inspring persnoality & he is a positive peron so it will be a printing error that he said (naa-ozo-billah) Prophit (Peace Be Upon Him) is a negative personality. Shahrukh worship Lakshmi Devi as he admited in hs documentry film (probably “Inner world of Shah Rukh) so He can not be a muslim but it does not mean that he can pass a statment like this. In my view….its printing mistake.

  13. Asmatdurrani

    very bed shahrukh khan i heat you now becouse you dont able to resfect you i heat you

  14. Ali Khan

    Im the biggest fan of shahrukh khan, but if he did this in real. then i will beg to all muslims that plz kill him…

  15. Braveheart

    Its really hurt. actually, he has become a sandwich in between Hinduism and Muslims. His wife is hindu. He named his children hindu names. He don’t know how to pray. He even don’t have any idea about Islamic values. He is only acting like to be a muslim. In fact, He is a MUNAFIQ who has no ideology. If he has passed any shameful remarks against islam and Prophet PBUM then you people will see how Allah subhanahu will throw him in the darkness of his FAILED career. Inshallah.

  16. Imtiaz khan

    The Solution is just BOYCOTT of his all movies.
    He is the son of bitch & Pig

  17. syeda

    u must understand the thing first then ask for boycott he said it is writing mistake , and along with prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H he talk about Nelson Mandela and everybody knows that he is a good guy its the indian news paper who did this mistke and all our muslim brother and sisters who follows it with understanding and listening to the person who is also muslim and the big star in the indian film industry its all about cunning hindus they do a trick and everybody start hating a muslim guy, im not a fan of shahrukh my cousins know but im a realistic person prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H is a very imporatnt person in all of our lives but its not shahrukh its hindus who never want ny muslim to be known and after all that its easy for them to say oh ur muslim community dont accept you blah blah so wait for the result before blaming him thnx

    • zakir

      i agree with you syeda

  18. Appeal:

    I appeal to all the youth of Pakistan that i have a need of money because my daughters are young and now time has been come to tie their knots, you know that their mother had fall a victim of terrorism so that is you nation obligation to donate me. For your convenience I am imposing tax Rs. 20 paisas on your each sms. i think you will fully cooperate with me in this reward.

    App ke zakat ka talabgar “Asif Ali Zardari”

    • yyfyay

      shame on u

  19. Asmat Durrani

    Shahrukh khan i love you 10000000000000000 time but now i heat you 99999999999999999999 time you are not able for this respect why you do this come to the madia and talk i am rong you are not Muslim i heat you why you do this shahrukh why my dear now you will se what happen with you Allah Give you dwon Inshallah becouse you Shammmmmmmmm Shammmmmmmmmmmmmmm I heat you you hurt me You hurt me

  20. Masroor

    I hate u and all Pakistan HATE u!!!

  21. Jamshaid Ahmed

    Islam is the religion of Practice. Being born to a Muslim Family or Having name like a muslim is not sufficient for considering someone muslim. SRK as you all know is already out of Islam after marrying a Hindu lady and keeping Idols of Hindu belief in his house.
    Respecting the religion and beleives of others is the teaching of Islam & Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) besides preeching the non beleivers for right path is the duty of every muslim.
    In my belief, SRK has committed(if it is true) a big mistake (even Sin) and he has to pay for that in this world and in the Day of Judgement (INSHALLAH).

  22. alishah

    sharukh you are not muslim you are worse then unmuslim. you should appologise to allah and his prophet PBUH

  23. faiza

    R U REALLY A MUSLIM… just go to hell.ALLAH will never forgive u on this

  24. syeda

    cool down guys if someone ask ur name and u said my name is shahrukh khan and instead of this he write ur name as shamila tagore so who’s fault is it r u become sharmila tagore SRK said he never say this these words which r written its the mistakle of publisher or may be he did it intentionally to let one muslim down we r no one to decide how much muslim he is Allah knows better so pls dont out fatwa on him u guys r not muftis try to realise this hindu game now muslims hate shahrukh khan bc of the thing he never said nad people support him from india who r not muslim aur against islam u guys can understand im from india no body in mumbai likes shahrukh khan bc he is muslim and this thing make him bad for muslims just take ur time and undestand pls pls pls, i dont like any star and i dont even watch movies .

  25. tanveer asim

    If any one knows the exact words of sharukh khan or has any link then plz write here

  26. Adnan

    Cannot say what Allah (God Almighty) will do with him, but we are sure Shahrukh Khan and other actors do in their films, alot of shirk even Tujh mein rab dekhta hai, what’s that…..?
    Watch his documentary inner world of shahrukh khan,
    you will know, his namaz , his believes pathetic oh yes

  27. tariq

    hi shahrukh
    how r u. i hope that u r fine. i was a big fane of you. but when u gave a statement about the Hazrat Muhammad i am very sham on me.at last i and we hate u.

  28. Nawazish Raja

    I hate u and all Pakistan and South Africa HATE u!!!

  29. Saima khan

    Hey Shahrukh I really liked you as an actor and as a peron and I thought you were very sensible, but after what you said I lost all my interest in you your movies and I have no respect for you. You are very insencible rude motherfucker. You are not muslim at all man you are popular cuz of these Muslim people once we stop watching your movies you are gonna be nothing but a shitt lookin face you better say tooba and pray five time a day and ask god for forgiveness.

  30. SALMAN

    shahrukh khan, salman khan, aamir khan and all khans are no more muslims. I pledge to all my brothers and sisters not to be fan of these idiots. if they continue this way till their end of life, they will surely enter into hell.

  31. SALMAN

    all khans – i mean the khans who are working in the film industry and have accepted, practiced the beliefs of non-muslims.

  32. Taimur Irfan

    i as a muslim request the muslim world , pls. bycot shahrukh khan & salman khan films. otherwise their dirty face view will eat your AAMAL ASALEHA

  33. yyfyay

    sharukh khan’s face is becoming like old-pic day by day , this laanat will increase.
    We did biggest mistake we spoiled our halal money to see pic’s movies. may GOD forgive us.

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