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Message of President of Pakistan and Co-Chairman PPP On Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto’s 56 birthday

On the 56th birthday of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto this year- the second after her martyrdom on December 27, 2007- I wish to commend and thank the Party workers for celebrating the life of the leader and the values she stood and fought for.

On her birthday today let us recall her warning as well as her advice.

Her warning is summed up in her political will thus, “I fear for the future of Pakistan”. Her advice to the people was, “Please continue the fight against extremism, dictatorship, poverty and ignorance”.

In her last public address she warned that the country was in mortal danger due to threat posed by the militants. She asked the people to join hands against the militants and vowed to personally lead the fight.

She nurtured the dream of a democratic Pakistan free of bigotry, extremism and militancy. She hoped the blossoming of the people so that each individual helped shape his own destiny and was not made to suffer a destiny thrust upon him by bigots and brigands in the name of religion.

True to her words she led the fight against militancy and embraced martyrdom. She illumined the path for all of us. Let us therefore on this occasion pledge that we will continue to tread the path illumined by her with her blood.

Throughout the three decades from 1977- when a tyrannical dictator first overthrew the government of her Father and later executed him- to 2007 when she was assassinate by the tyrannical militants created by the dictator she never wavered in the commitment to the people and the country.

The militants and extremists want to destroy the country and our way of life in the name of religion. They are blowing up schools, butchering innocent people, killing doctors for administering polio drops, closing down businesses and digging out the dead and the buried from their grave to impose upon us their bigoted d world view.

To pay homage to her memory let us therefore pledge to expose the militants and fight them till the end.

Fight against militants will not be complete if we do not win the hearts and minds of the millions driven out of their homes by the militants or forced to seek refuge elsewhere due to the fight against them. On this occasion I assure the displaced persons that we will rebuild their houses and business places and rehabilitate them soon.

On this occasion, my thoughts go to all those martyrs of the war against militancy. Our brave soldiers and members of law enforcing agencies have laid down their lives so that the nation lives in freedom and without fear. I also think of the martyrs of democracy who laid down their lives, suffered incarceration, endured exile and tortured.

Let us on this day rededicate ourselves to the mission of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto whose life was dedicated to defending the country against dictatorship, extremism and tyranny.

As a token of remembrance that she shed her blood for the cause of the country let every one on this day donate blood for those whose blood has been shed for making Pakistan as envisioned by her.

Asif Ali Zardari
Pakistan Peoples Party

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