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Qari Zainuddin shot dead

Baitullah accepts responsibility of assassinating Qari Zainuddin

Commander Qari Zainuddin Mehsud, militant leader who openly challenged local Taliban commander Baitullah Mehsud, was shot dead here on Tuesday morning.

The last moment of Qari Zain-ud-Din

The last moment of Qari Zain-ud-Din

Qari Zainuddin was fatally shot in his house in the town of Dera Ismail Khan, the main stronghold of Mehsud.

A close aide of Qari Zainuddin while confirming the killing of Qari Zainuddin claimed that he was shot dead by Gulbadeen Mehsud who was managed to flee from the scene. Gulbadeen is a resident of Makeen area. Another associate of Qari Zainuddin sustained injuries in the incident.

Zainuddin was taken to the hospital where doctors pronounced him dead.

No group immediately claimed responsibility for the assassination.

An aide of Qari Zainuddin Baz Mohammad who was also wounded said a guard entered the room at Zainuddin’s office after Fajar prayers and opened fire.

“It was definitely Baitullah’s man who infiltrated our ranks, and he has done his job,” Baz Mohammad said.

He said that Qari Zainuddin was martyred as he had upheld the principles of truth and justice and spoke against tyranny. He said that his mission to up hold truth and justice and for defense of Pakistan would continue. He said that the entire nation should stand united with us and rise against Bailtullah Mehsud.

He said that soon a Central Working Committee of Qari Zainuddin movement would meet and we would elect a new commander.

Meanwhile Superintendent police Dara Salahuddin confirming the news of Qari Zainuddin’s death said that so far we have no reports of who is behind the killing

Zainuddin has recently accused Mehsud of pursuing a “foreign agenda” by waging an insurgency in his own country, and supported the military action against the warlord.


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