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Computerized balloting of govt hajj scheme will be held on Aug 6th

57,370 lucky Pakistanis will perform Hajj under government scheme [Read More]

Computerized balloting of applications for selecting eighty thousand prospective pilgrims under the government hajj scheme will be held on the 6th of August as the last date for filing hajj application under this scheme has been fixed as 11th July, 2009.

A total of 1,60,000 Pakistani citizens will perform the forthcoming hajj in November 2009 under the government as well as private hajj schemes. The first hajj flight will take off on the 22nd October where as the last hajj flight will
proceed on 23rd of November.

Applicant declared successful after the balloting will have to submit their Machine Readable International Passport within five days of the hajj draw in their respective banks. Applicants who remained unsuccessful for consecutive two previous years shall be declared successful this year without balloting.

Unsuccessful applicants of this year will be declared successful in the next year, if they choose not to withdraw Haj dues deposited by them.

A total of 146,547 intending pilgrims will travel by PIA where as Saudi Airlines has agreed to fly 13,100 pilgrims from Pakistan. About 131,647 pilgrims would land at King Abdul Aziz International Air Port, Jeddah where as 28,000 pilgrims
will enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through Prince Muhammad Bin Abdul Aziz Air Port, Madinah.

The total Haj package including airfare from Karachi/ Quetta will be Rs. 185,000 and for other stations it will be Rs. 200,000. After deduction of compulsory Haj dues, accommodation charges and special services charges payable to Saudi agencies, the balance amount in foreign exchange will be provided to
intending pilgrims in cash before their departure from Pakistan to meet day to day expenses in Saudi Arabia.



  1. naveed

    thank you very much it was very informative. may allah give you the ghaza.

  2. dr ali

    It is very bad to drop any body . just send all the intrested candidates. allah ke blessing lo or sab ko moka do.


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