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Sugar mills supplying poisonous sugar

Shocking disclosure of provision of poisonous sugar detrimental to human health and life by sugar mills across the country has been made.

According to details, the danger emanates from excessive use of artificial sugar color and Sulphur Oxide well above the prescribed limits/standards.

It is learnt that Sugar mills of renowned politicians, ministers including President of Pakistan are also engaged with same heinous crime, which may cause massive increase in patients of cancer.

Sources revealed that Pakistan Standard Control Authority in a letter No. PSQCA/SDC-2/NSLAS/209 issued on Friday directed Sugar Mills owners to use artificial sugar color and Sulphur Oxide in accordance with the prescribed standards/limits.

The letter was issued after complete research. Pakistan Standard Control Authority had collected 18 sample of sugar from open markets.

Pakistan Standard Control Authority was shocked to know that all these sample contained excessive artificial sugar color and Sulphur Oxide, injurious and detrimental for human body.

Currently, there are 48 sugar mills in country out of which four belongs to Asif Ali Zardari and Sindh Provincial minister Zulfiqar Mirza owns two.


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