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ISI chief involved in recent talks: Manmohan Singh

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Saturday disclosed that representatives of the two countries including the ISI chief had been involved in discussions recently.

Ahead of the meeting he will have with his Pakistani counterpart Yousuf Raza Gilani in Egypt next week, Singh said that after the discussions between him and President Zardari in Russia last month “there have been discussions between the High Commissioners and with the ISI chief and the Foreign Office.”

The Prime Minister gave no indication of how and with whom from the Indian side the ISI chief Shuja Pasha held discussions but said, “They (the Pakistani side) have given some suggestions ….some information on what they are doing about punishing those behind the Mumbai massacre.”

“Now we hope they would take some steps in that direction (punishing the perpetrators) and with this hope I will meet Gilani,” he told Indian reporters on board his special plane while returning home from Italy.

“I am looking forward to meeting Prime Minister Gilani (in Egypt). I hope that out of that meeting, renewed reaffirmation on part of Pakistan that it will bring perpetrators of the Mumbai massacre to justice and that Pakistan’s territory will not be used for such activities. If that is done, we are willing to walk more than half the distance,” the prime minister told accompanying media while returning from Italy after attending the G8-G5 summit.

The prime minister acknowledged that there were difficulties with Pakistan on the terror issue.
“But I have not given up hope. Our high commissioner has spoken to the ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) chief and their foreign office. We are hopeful that they will move ahead in punishing those behind the Mumbai terror attack,” he said


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