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PML-N female MPA accused of buying jewelry on stolen credit card


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    Member Provincial Assembly Shumalia Anjum Rana has been accused of credit card theft.

    Private TV Channel reports said female MPA Shumalia Rana who belongs to PML-N used stolen card for shopping and purchased jewelry and clothes worth Rs. 80, 000. It is reported that stolen card belongs to member Sukh Chan Club Zaira Malik. ShumaliaAnjumprofile

    Concerned police after receiving application has started collecting information from Health Club and Jewelry Shop.

    Salesman Muhammad Iqbal while talking to Private TV Channel has said that a female customer who introduced herself as Parliamentarian visited his shop on 07th July at around 4:00 pm, to purchase a ring and chain. “We accorded her due respect and honor besides discount, ” the salesman added.


    The salesman further added that he trusted her as she showed two credit cards but later it was proved that transaction made via credit card was stolen. He demanded from the government to punish her.

    Provincial law minister, Rana Sana Ullah said that all legal formalities will be pursued and if she was proved to be guilty and action will be taken against her , keeping in view the party discipline.


    1. Hamid Ali

      She should be punished according to the laws of the ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’. The chief minister of Punjab should take strong action in this case to bring peace, equality and justice to the people to Pakistan.

    2. Shareef-o_Zaleel Brothers are being given refuge by Saudi Wahabi Terrorist regime. This regime funded Taliban Madresas and Wahabi Mosques, now its our enemy#1.
      I hope Lahoris should know who are their real enemies in their own sleeve, what can they expect if a Sharif Brother ruling over them.
      Lebanese Sunni Billionarie has taken guarantee of these 2 brothers and pushed Musharraf and PAK Army to allow them to re-enter in Pak Politics.
      The Blood on Pakistani Streets flowing is due to terror being sponsored from Sauid/Labanes Royal Families.
      I hope PMN thugs should be handed over to Obama Forces for trial as their is no law in PAK.

    3. Phaink du iinn ku bahir gali main,

      Nai tehzeeb kaiy andaiy hain gundaiy,

      Jiss counytry kaiy leaders dakait huun usss country ka Allah Hi Hafiz haiy

    4. hi shumaila rana main aap k sath hun mujhey pata hai k aap be gunah hain aur aap ko insaf dilaaney main mein madad karun ga aur main aap k haq main dua karun ga may GOD bless u

    5. amin

      but i saw news video few quistion come in my mind as sale person said she told them she is mpa shumaila rana just woundring they charge credit cards on credit card they did not see name if yiyu listen he said they request id got two cards //// few quistion came in mind if she said she is mpe heer name shumaila rana on card was diffrent card is not id as bank rules ,,,, there are lot of fishy ….


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