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Pakistan sets new Guinness World Record by planting maximum saplings

Pakistan on Wednesday has set a new global record in the Guinness World Record by planting maximum number of sapling of Mangroves in a single day.

Ministry of Environment has planted more than 5,41,000 mangroves sapling in a single day and broken Indian record of 4,47,874.

The campaign was Provincial Environment Minister, Sindh Forest Department, National Bank of Pakistan and with the coordination of other departments.

The trees were planted in the Keti Bander area in Thatta district of Sindh province, some 150 km from the southeastern Pakistani city of Karachi. Three hundred people took part in the exercise to break the world record.

The experts of NGOs, Federal, provincial governments and private sectors also participated in the campaign, which was monitored by independent monitors and judges deputed by the Guinness World Records.

Earlier, India had set up new world record on 13th July 2009 by planting 447,874 trees in 24 hours.

Meanwhile, Environment ministry has also declared August 18 as the National Forest Day and the public will be encouraged to plant trees on that day.


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