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SMS against Asif Ali Zardari, How do FIA stop them?

I received this SMS message today “Zardari is my favorite Personality, Zardari is good looking, Zardari is so cute, Zardari is honest man, Zardari is very responsible person, I love Zardari, I am proud on Zardari, Zardari Is great” and at the end of this message it was written “Samaj tay tussi gaye hogy, (You might understand what I wanted to say)”.

Now this text message has been created by some un-known person after the Interior Ministry instructed FIA, under the act of Cyber Crime 2008, to keep an eye on those who send SMS jokes or forward emails which are against government or ethically bad but I don’t think so the FIA can able to take any action against the foresaid SMS message creator hence “you cannot stop them”.

The government has decided to take action against those who send Million of text massages which are daily being sent all over Pakistan, most of these text messages are anti government jokes and the prime target in these messages are President Asif Ali Zardari and WAPDA.

Under this act all powers have been given to FIA and the one who will involve in such crime will be punished with death or imprisonment with heavy fines. The fine can be 10 million rupees and the period of imprisonment can be 3 month to 10 years whereas one could appeal in High Court or Supreme Court.

“I have made and spread so many SMS jokes on current government and now when the government has asked FIA to help stopping SMS jokes against them, I wanted to ask them a question, have they ever thought that why I did not make jokes on Imran Khan or Nawaz Shariff and spread them?” said Imran Hakeem, a student of BBA.

Imran, while remain busy in sending text messages, said that the government, instead of introducing cyber law, should correct their own mistakes first when they did then no one will make jokes on them “I think one cannot appreciate for instance WAPDA, when he has to live ten to fifteen hours daily without light and in this kind of circumstances jokes comes automatically in mind also it is the best way to get rid of your frustration” he ended his speech with a big laugh.

Though every sector has struck by the raising inflation which shook up the citizens of Pakistan but somehow the sector of telecommunication remains safe and thumbs up for the cellular companies who– from their nascence, continuously decreased their call and SMS (short messaging service) rates by introducing smart packages.

Standing on bus stop or walking on street, driving a car or sitting in café everywhere these cell furors could be seen busy, calling or sending messages and remain oblivious of their surroundings.

Currently six mobile companies are providing their services in Pakistan and some 78.6 million users are getting benefits of these services though the figure of mobile users shows that country’s half population has cell phone but to find a person who does not has mobile is to get blood out of stone.

Since the SMS rates are so cheap that one can send unlimited text messages in five to ten rupees, so many cell users around the country, have made this a habit to forward text messages including jokes against some of the members of current government.

To stop these anti government SMS jokes the government has decided to take strict action against joke makers and those who spread them all over the country.

The Director General of Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) has been instructed by the Interior Minister A.Rehman Malik, to monitor and check these anti government stories and messages and take necessary action under the Cyber Crime Act. Strict action is being taken against all the culprits in next few days as the FIA has already done a lot of work on it. Simultaneously, Interpol/Lyon has also been requested to identify those email addresses and websites registered abroad which are being used for such stories.

The cyber crime act also called the ordinance of Prevention of electronic Crimes Ordinance (PECO) was passed by the Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari on 29 September 2008.

In this Act all FIA has given the permission to take strict action against the one who will involve in such crime will be punished with death or imprisonment with heavy fines. The fine can be 10 million rupees and the period of imprisonment can be 3 month to 10 years whereas one could appeal in High Court or Supreme Court.

It is also mentioned in this ordinance that an un-expected mailer can be punished to 3 months of imprisonment and 50 thousand fined.

More over the one who will take the pictures without permission or send any message via SMS or send email which is not ethically good shall considered law violator.



  1. Innocent

    How bad

  2. nuzhat

    A democratic Govt can endure such mediums which are constantly used to create frustration and despondency among masses. It is very important that Media must play positive role here rather stimulation people over non-issues. The primary role of media is of an information provider and a motivator of social awareness, which is ultimately responsible for contributing toward the creation of a healthy society. Thos elements which are propagating wrong information either through SMS’s or by other means about highly place individuals and institutions must be traced and tackle with severe hands.It is a democratic Govt not autocratic and believes in freedom of expression. The facts behind this act are not as presented by some of the mischief makers.Govt did this to nab the terrorist groups using this medium for their heinous acts. It is anti-terrorism initiative. This is carried out for the betterment of nation, not for personal agenda. Federal Minister for interior Rehman Malik cleared it that Govt will take action only when a complaint will be lodged by some individual or any organization. Some elements are using this service to create chaos among society by disseminating wrong information. Govt took this action to prevent people from spreading malicious and concocted stories against the civilian leadership and military leadership. It is not meant to interfere in any one’s privacy but just to stop those carrying out their heinous acts either in the form of terrorism or creating pandemonium among masses to destabilize this country.

  3. How to forward/Send zardari sms to other peoples

    SMS can be traced y dont you use MMS

    in nokia cell phone open a picture edit the picture and add zardari text over it 😉 n create MMS and forward, forward, forward

    put these shits down


    A Patriot

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