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Husband of Farzana Raja PPP, MNA, seeks custody of his children

Islamabad District Court has adjourned till July 27 hearing of petition filed by Pir Mukarram Shah husband of Farzana Raja, PPP, MNA and chairperson Benazir Food Income Support Program Farzana Raja seeking custody of his children.

Senior Civil Judge Tariq Khurshid district court took up the case for hearing Friday. Sohail Qaisar counsel for Farzana Raja sought more time from the court for filing reply. The court granting the request under mutual consent of both the parties put off the hearing till July 27.

Pir Mukarram Shah took plea in his writ Farzana Raja was not focusing her attention on upbringing of children due to her political engagements. Therefore, Nadia and Pir Nawazish be handed over to him for the sake of better upbringing and safe future, he prayed.



  1. Pir Ali Raza

    First of all you got the kids names wrong but it doesnt matter. INSHALLAH my father will win the case soon.

  2. Pir Mukarram Shah deserves the full custody of his two kids. Farzana Raja has proved to be an incompetent and careless so-called modern woman who had broken her family for no reason. Such women are stigma on the face of muslim and pakistani society.

  3. Farida Mukaram

    My Daughter (Natasha Mukaram), son (Ali Murtaza) and myself (Farida Mukaram) have been reading the false and fabricated stories in the news papers. Faraza Raja (chairperson of Benazir Income Support Programme) has wrongly alleged Peer Mukaram Ul-Haq (my husband) of many things. He is an honourable man who has always taken care of his family and others. Farzan Raja clearly knew that my husband had two wives and four children before she married him (Peer Mukaram). In 1995 when I (Mrs. Farida Mukaram) met Farzana Raja at an English Teaching Class in F-8 Islamabad, I introduced myself as wife of Peer Mukaram and Farzana Raja asked if I was referring to Peer Mukaram the Managing Director of Printing Corporation of Pakistan and to my affirmatiive reply she (Farzana) told me that she lived in Nusrat Hostel near Melody Cinema and belonged to Gujar Khan village, later on, she got married to my husband in December 1996. I even sent my elder sister to Farzana Raja to ask her why she was marrying a man who was married twice and had four children, to this Farzana Raja responded by saying that she could not afford a full-time husband so this arrangement suited her.
    When I was living in Chicago in USA with my children, my husband and Farzana were living in New York. Peer Sahib used to visit us in Chicago a lot and sometimes I dropped the children off to his place in New York. Occasionally, I stayed with then in Peer Sahib’s apartment where Farzana Raja and Peer sahib’s older son (Peer Ali Raza). Therefore to say that she (Farzana Raja) was not aware of Peer Mukaram’s previous marriages is a complete lie. Peer Ali Raza stayed with Peer Sahib for 3 years and studied in Valley Stream High School during 1999 to 2002.
    Farzana Raja used Peer Mukaram as stairs to success and after 14 years of marriage ditched him for Dr. Ammar Turrabi with whom she got married even before she took “Khulla” from Peer Mukaram. The truth will come out, if not today then tomorrow (InshAllah). Today she is in power, she can hide behind power corridors, tomorrow when she will be out of power then everyone will know. She pretends to be the torch bearer of Women’s Rights, then why did she snatch my rights by marrying my husband knowingly? She persuaded my husband to marry her even though he was reluctant.
    Peer Mukaram gave her a respectable life and what did she give him in return? ‘Allah ki latti beawaz hoti hai’. One day she will meet her fate. I have been married to Peer Mukaram for twenty years and even today I chose to stay with him because I found him to be a fair and reasonable person. No one is perfect but on balance he is a decent and caring person.

    Natasha Mukaram’s Comments:
    I feel that Peer Mukaram is an ideal father who treats me like a princess. He makes sure I am relaxed and in no tension so I can focus on my studies, which he highly encourages seeing my potential. He has always shown how proud he is of me. I feel his presence even when it is not possible for him to be around. He calls frequently to check up on our well-being. I never feel his absence.

    Ali Murtaza Peer’s Comments:
    My Dad loves me to the fullest of his limits. He gave me a lot of love even when he was away, during this time, I never felt away or deprived of his love. Even when he was in Islamabad he called me regularly and asked me questions like, “ how was your day?”. When he came to meet us, he would takes us on trips like to our Village. Some family bondage was still there. In my summer vaccations, my sister and I used to go to Islamabad and spent time with “baba” ( Peer Mukaram Ul-Haq). He, after a long struggle, is now back with us, and we are now back together. Like my ister, I also state that he is an “ ideal dad”. My number is 03312337194 for anyone who wishes to confirm this.

  4. Mehvish

    Thats really sweet of u guys to back up your papa in the hour of his trial despite the fact that he ditched you guys to marry another woman. This really shows the great virtues that your mom has built in all of you. God bless you.

  5. ahsan

    mehvish great comment
    i agree with you 100%

  6. It is so sad to hear that after a long married life, she decided to get divorce.



  8. farrukhqadir

    asalam farzana sahiba kia zaroorath haiy dunyasaybheek lainay ki jub kay aap kay pas Benazirincomesaport ka 70 arab Rs hain uskay alawa hamaray sadar wazireazam parliment5 qaumiasemblies kaymembers apna hisa dain tho phir bhooki qaum bhi daygi jald aur sahi bathainaap aur yeh sub nay kia dia khudara world say na mangay aur qaum ko faqeer na banain dunya taras khanay kay bajaiy faqeer kehrahay hamara mazaq na banaian khudaaaaaaaara

  9. ager ya lady johty hey tu wait for while you ‘ll see ” GOD is Great”

  10. I mean Farzan Raja Zardari aur fArzana ki bury din start inshallah huny waly heen ager es na poor ppl ka haaq lota hee


  1. Are you so stressed out you can't even think straight? Is it hard for you to relax and enjoy life with peace of mind?

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