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Pakistan Railway embarrassed passengers by publishing Condom Ad on its ticket

The Ticket which Pakistan Railway is giving to its passengers has an ad of Condom published on it which is not only embarrassing those who travel along with their families and children but also shows the mentality of our rulers who can do any thing to earn money.railwayticket300

The current Railway ticket which they are giving to the passengers who travels inside country has an un-expected “Sathi Condom” ad on it which does not make any sense for the passengers who cannot even check that ticket in front of their children or family.

One of the passenger complaint Jazba in an email and said, have railway authorities lost their mind so that they published Condom ad on the ticket “I was travelling with my family in train, coming from Karachi to Lahore, while train stops I came to get water, when I came back my 5 years old child was holding this ticket and suddenly when he saw me and asked that what is this Sathi means, I was so embarrassed that my mother and sister have also heard my child’s question” Jamal Hasan said.

He said that Railway authorities has the right to earn money by publishing ads but at least the ads should not be ethically bad like Condom ad which is currently published on the tickets and embarrassing every single person who holds that ticket.

Pakistan Railway is not a profitable organisation and has faced a lot of lose in the last couple of years. The decision to publish Condom ads on their ticket is might be to overcome the lose but they forgot that this ad is ethically bad and not suitable to be on tickets.

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