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Swine Flu makes inroads in Pakistan’s neighborhood

Swine flu has been reported to be knocking the doors of Pakistan’s neighborhood, while government sleeps soundly on all safety measures.

Earlier the government had assured full fledged and sound vigil over any advent of the monstrous disease in Country; but recent observations have revealed that all these safety measures, which also included scanning process of all inbound passengers from abroad, have been terminated.

The ministry of health laments about inadequate funds for the purpose, and seems quite unserious about the threat as well.

Swine flu has reportedly hit Afghanistan with 15 detected cases so far, India reports high incidence of 308 cases, while 16 cases have also been reported in Iran.

Reports have also indicated the confirmed presence of this deadly virus in Middle Eastern hemisphere, with 52 cases in Bahrain, Egypt 157, Iraq 26, Jordan 43, Kuwait 68, Lebanon 79, Oman 19, Palestine 80, Qatar 23, Saudi Arabia 232, Syria 5, UAE 79, and 8 cases in Yemen. A related death in Egypt has also been reported.

There is a deep cause for concern of the arrival of this deadly menace in Pakistan if not properly screened at all entry points of the Country.


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