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Maulana Sufi Muhammad sets momentum from Peshawar

Ameer (TNSM) banned Tehrik-e-Nifaz-e-Shariah Muhammadi Maulana Sufi Muhammad has again gained momentum here on Saturday and held meetings with number of TNSM leaders by exchanging views on the situation after the military operation.

A close comrade of Maulana Sufi Muhammad, Iqbal Khan while talking to a private TV channel here Saturday informed that Maulana Sufi Muhammad has called the Shura meeting of TNSM to formulate the future strategy of the banned organization.

Iqbal Khan further disclosed that Maulana Sufi Muhammad was not in the Government custody and he was residing in a rented house in Peshawar and has reiterated to motivate the movement from Peshawar and regarding this today, he has issued directives to the organizers of TNSM.

Meanwhile spokesman of ANP Senator Zahid Khan has stated that the Provincial Government of NWFP has neither arrested Maulana Sufi Muhammad nor any sort of deal has been committed with him by the Government.

Senator Zahid Khan further stated that NWFP Government was unaware about the residence of Maulana Sufi Muhammad in Peshawar and neither the Government has provided any security for him and the Government will not allow anyone to challenge the Governmental writ, he added.


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