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Omar threatens to quit after PDP’s sex scandal slur

An emotional Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah said he would resign from office Tuesday after the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) alleged that he was involved in a sensational sex scandal that rocked the state in 2006.

There was high drama in the assembly as Abdullah said he would step down and not return till his name was cleared. Members of his National Conference surrounded him and tried to physically stop him from leaving, but a determined Abdullah strode out of the house, reported IANS.

In 2006, a minor girl in Srinagar had accused senior politicians, bureaucrats and police officers of raping her. The Jammu and Kashmir High Court intervened and handed over the probe to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). The CBI later presented a chargesheet and a trial is underway at a sessions court in Punjab.

On Tuesday, the scandal came back to haunt Kashmiri politicians.

Senior PDP leader Muzaffar Hussain Baig submitted a list of what he said was the accused in the case prepared by the CBI. According to Baig, Abdullah’s name was 102 in the list.

Immediately after this, Abdullah got up and said he could not continue functioning as the chief minister under such circumstances.

“After the proceedings of the house today, I will go to the governor and submit my resignation. I cannot work as the chief minister until my name is cleared from the list of the accused persons,” a charged Abdullah said.

After he left the assembly, his party members followed him out in a bid to persuade him to change his mind and not act in haste.

His father Farooq Abdullah, the National Conference president and union minister for renewable energy, happens to be in Srinagar Tuesday. A final decision will be taken after consulting him, informed sources said.



  1. Anon

    How can you call raping a minor girl a ‘sex scandal slur’?

    Are you stupid?! Correct your text and educate yourselves.

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