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Former Foreign Sec Niaz Naik found dead

Former Foreign Secretary Niaz A Naik was found dead in the mysterious condition at his house in Sector F-7/3 of the capital in the jurisdiction of Police Station Kohsar on Saturday.

Police sources said that they were informed that the lights of the residence of Niaz A Naik were on but there was no movement in the house. niazAniak

The police, when arrived, knocked the door and waited for some time but later broke the door and found the dead body of the former Foreign Secretary, which according to police, could have been three or four days old; saying the reason behind the death would be ascertained after postmortem report.

The police sealed the house of Niaz A Naik, after shifting the dead body to PIMS hospital and started collecting evidences and the investigation was underway.

Meanwhile the postmortem report revealed that Ex-foreign secretary Niaz A Naik was subjected to torture before his death. The postmortem report further revealed four ribs and jaw of the Niaz A Naik were fractured. Margalla police is investigation the real causes and motive behind this incident.

It is said that Niaz A Naik was one of the close aides of former president Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf and he had play magnificent role as backdoor channel negotiator along with former National Security Council Secretary, Tariq Aziz for restoration and resumption of Pak-India composite dialogues.

He had also outstanding role in meetings of Pervez Musharraf with High US, UK and UAE Officials. He was a seasoned ambassador and used to play his role through backdoor diplomacy.


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