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Hidden Talent of Musharraf : Musharraf sings “ Lagi ray tusay Lagi” beautifully

Musharraf’s hidden talent of singing has been exposed in a video in which he was singing the classical song “Lagi ray tusy Lagi, lagan tusay lagi” (I am attached with you) for more than 2 minutes.

The famous classical singer Ustad Hamid Ali Khan was singing this song in a private party when suddenly Pakistan’s two times President and Former Army Chief of Pakistan started singing along the singer and amazed everyone with his singing talent.

Wife of Musharraf, his son, Former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz, his wife, and other bureaucrats and friends of Musharraf were also presented in this party.

It was the same party in which Chairman Federal Board of Revenue of Pakistan Abdullah Yousuf danced.

Former Presedent Musharraf has also showed his dancing skill in this party which unfortunately has not captured because when Musharraf stands up for the dance the cameraman moved the camera towards the walls but not on Musharraff.


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  1. Shahzad

    There is no Video attached

    Email me at Shehzirules@yahoo.com

    if any found !!!

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