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1392 rowdy motorcycle riders’ challaned: CTO

Rawalpindi traffic police taking action against rowdy bike riders on the occasion Independence day has challaned 1392 riders, impounded 960 motorcycles and booked 62 motorcycle riders for one wheeling.wheeling bike

Chief Traffic officer SSP Dr Muhammad Akhtar Abbass in a press statement issued by the City Traffic police said that city traffic police had made special strategy on August 13 to tackle with problems face on event of Independence Day. The police challaned 1392 rowdy motor cyclist in Rawalpindi, Cant Taxila, Gojar Khan, Kallar Syedan and other adjacent cities for posing problems for citizens.

960 motorcyclists were impounded in different jails on account of no owner ship papers and strict traffic violation.

Special squad teams were formed for taking actions against teenage one wheelers and action was taken against 62 one wheelers and cases were registered against them under 99-A. Ten teenagers have been arrested on charge of one wheeling.

SSP Akhter Abbas warned that one wheeling is a dangerous game. There is 100 per cent chance of death and disability in one wheeling.

Parents can play a vital role in this regard because it is a social problem. Parents should aware their children about dangers of one wheeling. Parents should keep an eye on their children and special patterned motorcycles.

All social elements and peoples should make join efforts for prevention of such dangerous activities.

The strict actions against violators would continue, he said.


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