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Over 18000 forgery cases registered against councilors, Nazmeens

Over 18000 cases of forgery have been registered so far against councilors and nazims of district, union council, Tehsil and town Nazmeens and over 4500 out of these cases have been registered in NWFP during the last 9 years.

As per report of local bodies ministry over 140 cases of murder were registered against the Nazmeens and councilors across the country during the last 9 years. 18 Nazmeens and councilors have been killed due to firing of rival groups during the last 9 years.

Police had registered cases of robberies, qabza group and kidnapping for ransom against 1500 Nazmeens of NWFP. Cases have been registered against 4500 Nazmeens and councilors in connection with verification of fake domiciles in NWFP which are pending with the courts.

Over 25000 applications filed against 54 town and Tehsil nazmeens, 24 nazmeens, 900 nazmeens of union councils in NWFP on the charges of corruption, misuse of powers and funds are lying pending. Out of these applications, over 15000 are pending with NAB, 5000 applications with local bodies secretary and 5000 with the respective DCOs.


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