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Swine flu vaccine not included in free Hajj scheme: Hamid Saeed

The federal Religious minister, Hamid Saeed Kazmi has said that Swine vaccine was not included in the Hajj Scheme, however the vaccine could be purchased by Hajj pilgrims from government.

While talking to media in an event here, the minister said that after the death of terrorist leader Baitullah Mehsud, the militants have been destroyed, and government’s strategy in elimination of terrorists would succeed.

Replying to a question he announced that Saudi government had not requested to discourage children under 12 for Hajj, while the government was ordering the costly swine flu medicine, enabling |Hajj pilgrims to purchase it.

He further announced that PIA would be giving suitcases to Hajj pilgrims, instead of its past practice of giving ahrams to men and abaya gowns to women.

The minister also said that there have been recent cases of drugs hidden in ahrams, but the persons accused were innocent.


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  1. Swine Flu

    H1N1 or swind flue influenza transfers from human to human, not from pig to human.

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