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Shahrukh not singled out because of his name: US Customs

The United State denied the allegations that Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan was detained and questioned for two hours at the Newark airport or that the actor was singled out because of his name or Asian identity.

The allegations “happen to be incorrect,” the spokesman of the US Customs and Border Protection Elmer Camacho said.

The spokesman said Shahrukh was inspected because his baggage had not arrived.
“His documents and papers were checked, which were found to be in correct order,” Camacho said.

After a “normal” check at the airport, Shahrukh was taken to a different room where he was waiting for his turn since many other people were already there. The entire process ended in one hour, the spokesman said.

The entire process, he said, was handled in a “professional manner” and there was no evidence of Khan being pointed out because of his name or Asian identity.

To a question on Khan’s contention that he was asked by immigration officials about his work in the US, the spokesman said “it’s our policy not to discuss all specific (details) of any traveller”.

However, when any travller enters the US, he or she is subjected to inspection, he added.


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