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Another citizen becomes victim of US diplomat’s high handedness

Another Pakistani citizen has become a prey to the rude and aggressive behavior of a US diplomat.

As per details a resident of Diplomatic Enclave Shams ullah Khan lodging a complaint with the Secretariat police told that he and his son Ibrahim Ahmed Khan were passing by the US embassy in their car bearing number plate MK 906 when a US diplomat started hitting his son car with his feet breaking the window of the car. The US diplomat also used abusive language against Pakistani citizens and the police.

The US diplomat also threatened that he is a US marine and the Pakistani police cannot lay a hand on him.

The complainant in his complaint further said that soon after the incident a security company named Vacuewn Hurt reached the site and kept his son in custody for more than 40 minutes. He further told police that after this incident if any harm comes to his son or any of his family member than the responsibility would lie on US embassy and the US marines and therefore his compliant should be redressed at the earliest.

Meanwhile Talking to Online Shams Ullah Khan said that so far the police has taken no action on his complaint.

He said that it is regrettable that this is our country and the US diplomats are treating us like they own this country and can behave in any manner they please.

He said that the government should take notice of this incident and take action against the responsible.

It merits mentioning that the rude and arrogant behavior of US diplomats towards Pakistani citizens irrespective of whether they are policemen, visa seekers or residents of Diplomatic Enclave has become a routine matter.

A couple of weeks back an SHO had become a victim of US diplomat high handedness in a similar manner and was abused and threatened.


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