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Chinese woman raped; culprits arrested in Lahore

Atleast seven hooligans abducted a Chinese Woman and later brutally raped her in one of the posh areas of Lahore, Gulberg on Monday.

Police reports say that a Chinese Woman Malia was busy shopping in Liberty Market in Lahore when some six persons pushed her to their vehicle and later took her to Johar Town after kidnapping her.

The six hooligans forcefully tried to take advantage of her loneliness, gave her liquor and forced her to dance.

When she failed to listen to the culprits, they tortured her resulting in one of her teeth and bone of hand broken.

She screamed on top of her voice for help and cried but some how she fled from the clutches of the in humans.

The ill-fated woman told the police that the culprits were dressed in police clothes and they raped her.

Police has arrested one culprit and started initial investigations into the gruesome incident of inhumanity and brutality.

Police has lodged a case on the complaint of the Chinese Woman.


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