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Applications for the Australian Government’s Human Rights Small Grants Scheme Now Open

Applications for the Australian Government’s Human Rights Small Grants Scheme (HRSGS) are now open, and close on Friday 2 October 2009.

The HRSGS provides funding for human rights organisations based in developing countries. The small grants are awarded annually for projects that promote and protect human rights in direct and tangible ways. It supports human rights by funding projects that build the capacity of developing countries to promote and protect human rights, says a press statement issued by the Australian High Commission.

Funding in Pakistan is only available to organisations meeting all of the following criteria: already involved in promoting and defending human rights; already based in Pakistan; have a proven track record in the type of activity it wants funded and experience in Pakistan; are preferably non-government, although government bodies are not excluded.

Proposals from individuals are not eligible.

Further information on the grants, as well as selection criteria and application forms can be found at:


Applications should be emailed to AsiaHRSGS@ausaid.gov.au



  1. Dear Madame:

    I am pleased to introduce Solidarity Incorporated to this renowned entity through your good offices. Solidarity Incorporated is a Social and Community Development Organization that carries on advocate for Labour Rights, Socio–Economic and Reintegration Programs, Women and Children Empowerment, etc.

    In view of the above, I write to EXPRESS OUR INTEREST for Funding Opportunity with your office for collaboration in projects implementation in war ravaged Liberia, West Africa.

    We are happy to establish this mutual working relationship with your office and to continue such relationship with this entity in general.

    We look forward to receiving your office’s prompt respond and support as we strive for a vibrant society in Liberia.

    Sincerely yours,

    Thompson N. Togba

    Executive Director

    Solidarity Incorporated

    P. O. Box 4356

    Benson Street

    Monrovia, Liberia

    West Africa

    Mobile: +231 (0)6 551 726 / (0)77 991 963


    If you need any additional information, please feel free to contact me.

  2. Please suplly us with current information concerning grant issue.we have failed to get this information early therefore we failed also to to deliver our project concept.

  3. we stil have some problem error with our website but when you log in uganda albinos you will sea how janualists internationaly been repporting about us

    that will cofirm our exisistance

  4. we also like to inform you about discrimination of albino persons in uganda


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