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Jaswant Singh expelled from BJP after praising Mohammad Ali Jinnah in his book

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Wednesday expelled senior leader Jaswant Singh from the primary membership of the party two days after the release of his book praising Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan.

BJP president Rajnath Singh told reporters here that the party’s parliamentary board decided to expel the former external affairs minister from the primary membership of the party, reported IANS.

“Yesterday, I issued a statement about the BJP dissociating itself from Jaswant Singh’s views. The party discussed the matter at the chintan baithak (introspection session) and it was decided to expel him,” Rajnath Singh said.


  1. If Mohammad Ali Jinah is a fathrt of Pakistan.Gandhi isa founder of New India.Which stands for honesty,morality and peace.Pakistan is group of peoples stands for destruction,poverty devide and rule.

  2. No doubt Jaswant Singh is a very inteligent man he should no comment his own father founder of nation but
    the circumstances showes taht muslims and Hindues were doing same things which are very common now
    As Punjab is devided into four regions Punjab Haryana and Himachal U.Pls also devided in U.K./U.A.who is responsible for this The time is over all.


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