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2 Pak students released from British custody arrive back

Two Pakistani students Abdul Wahab and Shoaib Khan arrested in Britain on charges of terrorism arrived back on Saturday morning.

Abdul Wahab Khan and Shoaib Khan will arrived here from Manchester by a regular PIA flight (PK 702).

The solicitor of Pakistani students Amjad Malik while taking to media men at Benazir Bhutto International Airport alleged that Pakistani students were detained without their involvement in any crime.

He said that according to British law, any person can be detained for 28 days but these students were detained for 134 days and alleged that these students were treated badly.

Amjad Malik said that the innocence of arrested Pakistani students has been proved. He said that the students have decided to come back to the country for continuation of their education as the next hearing of their case would be held in March next year.

He informed that the Manchester Police had arrested 12 person including 10 Pakistani citizens on charges of terrorism. The Pakistani students included Abid Naseer, Abdul Wahab Khan, Shoaib Khan, Johnson Khan, Sultan Sheikh, Muhammad Ramzan, Ahmed Faraz Khan, Rizwan Sharif, Umer Farooq and Tariq Rehman.

Amjad Malik further stated that after the arrest of these students, a statement from British Prime Minister was issued which claimed that these students were arrested after disclosure of a bid terror plan, however, no allegation has been proved against them and the British Interior Ministry had recommended the deportation of these students after declared them religious extremists.

Praising the role of Pakistani High Commissioner in Britain, he said that the release of students has become possible due to his (Pakistani High Commissioner) efforts. He said that at present, 5 Pakistan students are in the detention of British authorities.

Pakistani student Abdul Wahab while talking to media said that Pakistani students were arrested without his involvement of any crime and the British authorities treated them badly.

Meanwhile, the British High Commission has rejected all the allegations raised by Pakistani students, saying Halal food was provided to these students as well as facilities of educational courses, Gym and arrangements of their meetings with Imam.

The BHC further stated that neither these students nor their lawyer registered any written complaint, however, the lawyer of these students complained on August 14 about quality of food.



  1. Ali

    Well, I would like to say that, the British authorities should have been investigated fully before
    labelling students as a terrorist. I remember when they were arrested the british prime minister linked them with Al-Quida and called them a serious threat for Britian and its people but after a long detention they were finally released with no charge. I just shocked when interior minister of britian ordered them to be deported from Britian as they called them religious extremist. I must say this is totally injustice.

    As per British Government they always follow the law but I dont know what was the missing thing which led them to think that, these students could be danger for Britian?

    According to famous scientist, philosipher and statesmen Sir Francis Bacon:-



    Mr Ali
    Khi, Pakistan.


  1. 2 Pak students released from British custody arrive back « Jazba's …
  2. 2 Pak students released from British custody arrive back « Jazba's …

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