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Bilour apologizes on his words about judges

Apologizing for his comments about judges made on Friday, Senior Provincial Minister of NWFP, Bashir Bilour said that he spoke these words emotionally.

Addressing a press briefing here on Saturday, Bashir Ahmed Bilour said that he has the courage to say that he spoke up wrongly and should not have said such words.

The ANP leader said that our forefathers had struggled for the independence of the judiciary and press, adding he was imprisonment in the struggle started for the independence of the judiciary.

The NWFP Senior Minister said that he got upset because our people were facing shortage of flour and sugar.

The NWFP Senior Minister on Friday said that the judiciary should not overstep its jurisdiction and urged judges to keep within domain.

He urged the federal government to fix same rate of atta and ghee, the government has imported some wheat and now provided mixed wheat to our people.

He said that the NWFP considers Punjab as its elder brother but it (Punjab) always accuses that wheat is smuggled out of the country from Peshawar.

“I want to assure that the Provincial Government of NWFP do not allow wheat to be smuggled at any cost”, added by Bashir Bilour.


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