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Car blast rocks Peshawar

2-man died and 2 others were wounded in a car blast near Hayatabad Medical Complex in the area of Phase-4 of Hayatabad.carblastinpeshawar250

The Incident took place here on Saturday night in which 2 persons including driver of the vehicle was reported to be killed and 2 others wounded critically.

CCPO Peshawar Siffat Ghayur talking to media termed the incident as target killing by stating that the car blast was owing to explosive material of 5 to 7 Kg blasted through a remote control bomb.

He also disclosed that the car blast could be resultant of target killing as it has been reported that victims of the car blast were victims of enmity between a banned organization group of Khyber Agency.

CCPO further informed that the explosive material was implanted in the car that devastated the car completely, while Police have also detained two suspected people, who had taken the vehicle to a workshop today (Saturday) police added.

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