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Football match sparks violence; One killed, 15 injured Text

A football match exploded into blasts and violence, causing death of a person, when members of a defeated side opened fire and hurled bombs on the ground in the north eastern fringes of the city Sunday, police said.

“One person was killed when the miscreants fired. At least 15 others were injured,” Deputy Inspector General of police (Presidency Range) S.N. Gupta told reporters.

Enraged over the death, a mob set fire to a resort ‘Vedic Village’ in the vicinity, alleging that the attackers had taken shelter there.

Ten fire tenders have been rushed to douse the fire and the Rapid Action Force (RAF) deployed, Gupta said.

The incident occurred after one of the participating teams could not stomach their defeat in the tournament semi-final, and led by some miscreants came back to the ground and started firing and hurling bombs indiscrimately.

Senior police officers have gone to the troubled area, he said



  1. LOL!

  2. its not Rapid Action Force – Its Slow Action Force


  1. Football match sparks violence; One killed, 15 injured Text … | End Cigarettes Smoking Now!

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