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NADRA issued 72 million CNIC till July, 09

National Data Base and Registration Authority (NADRA) has issued some seventy two million computerized National Identity Cards(CNIC) to the applicants till July 31 this year.

NADRA sources told here on Sunday, that more than 43.5 million cards issued to male citizens and 28.2 million issued to female citizens of the country .96 %male and 66% female citizens of more than 18 years issued CNIC .

NADRA sources told that 78 million pictures has been collected and 108 million identification documents issued to the citizens .

Sources also told that 39.69 million identity cards issued to the Punjab which is 84 % of total eligible persons in the country .In Sindh 15 million , NWFP 9.29 million and in Balochistan 2.54 million identity cards to the citizens .

1.14 million in FATA and four lac twenty thousand identity cards issued to the citizen of Northern Areas .

Record applications were submitted for the identity cards from Islamabad and Azad Kashmir where 99% citizens have their computerized national identity cards. Seven lac identity cards to citizens of Islamabad while 2.01 million cards issued to the citizens of Azad Kashmir.


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