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Pir Mazahar ul Haq beats people

A video footage is released by a local TV channel in which Provincial Minister of Education in Sindh Pir Mazhar-ul-Haq, is seen beating the people who were standing in the line to buy flour on discount rates.mazharulhaq minister

According to that footage the Education Minister slapped three guys; one of them was standing silently in the line when the Minister slapped him on the right side of his face.

After this unethical act by the Provincial Minister people who came there to buy flour, become aggressive and start protesting against the Minister.

Pir Mazahar ul Haq is Provincial Sr.Minister for Education & literacy Government of Sindh.



  1. Ali

    I have seen the video, it is so crowded in the video that when the pir mazhar moves his hand it contacts the poor guy. Talk about making a mountain out of a mole.

  2. Ghulam Ali Aftab

    Iwant to send a complainate to Educational Minister,can you provide me email address of minister or his secetry.
    My email address is.

  3. The Pir Mazhar-ul-Haq
    Senior Minister: Education and Litracy,
    Sub: Reuest for the post junior clrick education and litercy department sind
    =A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0 It is my request that i have applied for job junior clri=
    ck in education and litrcy department sindh larkana.
    Sir My request that i have interview on date: 15-05-2010. District larkana =
    taluka dokri sindh.
    my seat no. 4077. taluka dokri, district larkana sindh. sir please passed m=
    e. i hope that you will passed me i have no any soucr here.
    Sir you will help me god will help you.
    yours sinclry
    zaffar ali

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