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“India” the worlds most terror-prone country in the world: Report

India is one of the world’s most terror-prone countries, with a death toll second only to Iraq, said a report by the National Counter-terrorism Center in Washington, published in one of the renowned US magazine on Sunday.

In the report it is said that India is at constant war with separatists and Maoists rebels. But when it comes to Islamic extremism, New Delhi has always blamed foreign influence-usually Pakistan’s. With reason: the militants fighting for Kashmir’s independence have extensive links to Pakistan or Bangladesh, where they have set up camps and been nurtured by local intelligence services.

It is said that there are 317 terrorists camps operating in India and it is feared that India will divide into many states by 2025 due to separatists’ movements.

The message claimed the attacks were the work of the Indian Mujahedin (IM): a terrorists group unheard of before November 2007, when it took credit for coordinated bombings in three northern cities.

The group also claimed responsibility for lethal attacks in Jaipur in May and Ahmadabad in July, and it’s suspected of a similar attacks in Bangalore. When the IM first appeared, experts thought it was just a front for one of India’s known, foreign-sponsored terrorists outfits. But that view has since shifted, and many Indians now fear their country is developing its own hometown Islamic terror problem and that Jihadists are finding more and more recruits.

Report said that the IM’s command-and-control seems to be totally local. “ says Bahukutumi Raman, a former top official with India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), New Delhi’s foreign-intelligence branch. So are its grievances, he argues. In e-mails to the Indian media, the IM has denounced the country’s discrimination against its Muslim minority and expressed its desire to avenge the 2002 anti-Muslim pogroms in Gujarat and the destruction of a 16th-Century mosque by Hindu fanatics in 1992.

It is added that after the July Ahmadabad attack, the IM insisted that the operation was planned and executed by Indians only and it urged Pakistan linked groups not to claim responsibility for it. The IM never even mentioned Kashmir-the central concern of most foreign-linked terrorists.

It is further disclosed in the report that more ominous, perhaps, is the fact that several people arrested after the Ahmadabad blasts reportedly told authorities they’d attended paramilitary camps in India-not in Pakistan or Bangladesh.

Authorities now fear these camps, in the remote forests of Kerala (In India’s southwest), and in Madhya Pradesh (In India’s heartland), have trained hundreds of radicalized Indians in the past few years.

The exact nature of the IM remains an enigma, however. Most of those arrested are members of the students’ Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), a radical group formed in the late 1970s that advocates turning the country into an Islamic state. The government banned SIMI in 2001 for alleged links to terrorism. But in August a Delhi court ruled the government had failed to prove its case.


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