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Irrfan Khan stuns Dia by kissing her on lips

When it comes to thorough professionalism, you can always bet on Irrfan Khan, the versatile actor who has earned a place in Hollywood with ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and ‘A Mighty Heart.’

Even when the script doesn’t demand it, he goes extra mile to make a scene more realistic. And this exactly happened while Irrfan was shooting with Dia Mirza for the film ‘Acid factory.’ Irrfan Khan planted a kiss on Dia Mirza’s lips even though the scene required him only to give a peck on her cheek.

The incident took place in a scene where Irrfan has to kiss Dia on her cheek to give a cue to Fardeen that he’s her man, when she introduces Irrfan to Fardeen Khan.

However, a shocked Dia didn’t create any uproar on the sets and instead called up the producer Sanjay Gupta after the shoot. When Sanjay actually showed the rushes, he quite liked it and believed it only made the scene more real.


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