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Pakistani government to import 636.116 million condoms to overcome population growth

The government has devised a five-year future plan (2009-2014) to import contraceptives valuing $39.903 million including condoms, reveals the document presented before the National Assembly Standing Committee on Population Welfare here on Thursday.

The document shows that the government plans to purchase contraceptives including condoms, injectables, honormonal (pills) and IUD—long acting reversible contraceptive birth control device placed in the uterus.

It shows that the government plans to purchase 636.116 million condoms costing $22.426 million, 7.185 million injectables costing $9.714 million, 24.226 million honormonal (pills) worth $5.730 million and 1.072 million IUD costing $2.032 million.

According to the data showing last five years (2004-09) record, the government imported contraceptives valuing $20.493 million.

The contraceptives included 470.401 million condoms costing $11.107 million, 4.184 million injectables costing $3.864 million, 13.415 million honormonal (pills) costing $4.590 million and 1.072 million IUD valuing $0.968 million.

Meanwhile, the Senate Standing Committee on Population Welfare in its separate meeting expressed its serious concern over rapid growth of population and directed the population welfare ministry to associate civil society, media and Ulema/Mashaikh with the population welfare programmes being pursued by the government for achieving the desired results.

The committee, which met at the under the chairmanship of Senator Prof. Khursheed Ahmed instructed that the program be managed professionally and skillfully by taking into consideration the religious norms, social values and sensitivities of the people.

“Instead of blind imitation of the West, we should focus on our cultural context and indigenous approach”, it observed.

The committee reminded that countries like Iran, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Egypt have succeeded in reducing their population growth rate by bringing their respective population programmes in conformity with the local values.

The meeting underlined the need of launching an aggressive awareness campaign utilizing the print and electronic media for advocacy, information and education but cautioned it should not lose sight of local conditions, social norms and values. It must have the services of religious leaders as well as local elders, adopting a holistic approach to bring modification in attitudes for ultimately achieving the small family norm

Earlier, the committee was informed that with the population growth rate of 1.8% per annum Pakistan is 6th most populous country in the world and its population will double in 39 years as about three million people are being added annually.


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