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President extends tenure of Nazmeens upto December, 31

President Asif Ali Zardari has extended the Nazmeens stay for further two months upto December, 31 on the demand of MQM besides deciding to empower provinces to appoint administrators or to hold local bodies elections after December, 31.

President Asif Ali Zardari took this decision in Bilawal House here Monday during his meeting and consultation with governor Sindh Dr Ishrat ul Ibad, chief minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah, Sindh minister for local bodies Agha Seraj Durrani and provincial law minister Ayyaz Soomro.

Sources told President took Sindh government into confidence with regard to local bodies system. The stance of coalition partner MQM on replacement of Nazmeens with administrators was also discussed. Due to opposition of MQM on the issue of removal of Nazmeesn and appointment of administrators, it was decided to extend the term of Nazmeesn for two months more upto December, 31.

The provinces after December, 31 will be however authorized to remove the Nazmeens and appoint administrators or hold elections.

The law ministry has been directed to send summary to the prime minister on empowering provinces about local bodies system after December, 31.

It may be recalled the tenure of Nazmeens will expire on October 16 which has been extended till December, 31.



  1. Dar

    Wasting energy on useless issues is common practice in politics of Pakistan. What is going with the local body system is the same case. Most of the people here pretend to be democratic but actually they are not ,If it is, they must understand that a democratic Govt takes decision according to democratic norms and taking all the forces on board with consensus.

    I feel pity for Zardari for trying to do the impossible. How the supporter of dictatorship understand the norms of democracy.

    What the Zardari did with Local body system seems much appropriate decisions in the current circumstances because I was sure any decision regarding Local body system without consensus would be another storm of traditional criticism.


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