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Me and my associates were issued Saudi visas, despite a Public holiday: Musharraf

Pakistan MideastFormer President Pervez Musharraf has been known to have confided to his close friends that, Saudi government went all out to issue visas for him and his companions, despite a public holiday.

The former President said that when the Saudi Monarch, Shah Abdullah requested a meeting with him (Musharraf), the former president offered his regrets to special protocol officer to the Saudi King about not having a Saudi visa.

The Saudi Embassy in London was ordered to open even on Sunday to stamp a visa for Pervez Musharraf, who after his arrival in Saudi Arabia through a specially chartered flight was received with utmost cordiality by the Saudi Monarch.

Former President informed that the recent tirade of Mian Nawaz Sharif against him (Musharraf) was also discussed during his talks with the Saudi King, whence the Saudi King assured Musharraf that Mian Nawaz Sharif and rest would ‘abide by accord’.

The friends of former President have quoted him as saying that the Saudi Monarch had great respect for him, and had assured Musharraf that he (Saudi King) had plenty to reveal about Mian Nawaz, if Mian Sahib dared refuse to comply with (Saudi King’s) directives.

Musharraf said that the Saudi Monarch desired economic and political stability with the core of his heart.


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