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Pakistan gets its 7th international title in pageantry

MMiss Pakistan World4

The Miss Tourism Queen International 2009 took off with the magnificent array of performers and a beautiful mix of the world’s most beautiful women one of which was the newly crowned Miss Pakistan World 2009, Ayesha Gilani.

Gilani who was representing Pakistan in the world’s 5th largest pageant was awarded the Miss Elegant Second Runner up title in China. Pakistan has been always in the limelight for beauty pageants around the world, and it was a great feeling of achievement for the pageant officials that Pakistan won their 7th international pageant title.

Miss Pakistan World beauty pageant was founded and headed by Sonia Ahmed and has been in existence since 2002. The first queen was crowned in 2003 and Ayesha Gilani is the 7th Miss Pakistan World in history. Gilani was happy about receiving her title and said that it was a strong learning experience for her as she was ready to represent Pakistan in other international pageants as well.

23-year-old *Ekaterina Grushanina* of *Russia* was crowned *Miss Tourism Queen Int’l 2009*, in Zhengzhou, China. She edged out Miss Brazil, Vivian Noronha Cia (1st runner up), Miss Guinea, Safia Souare (2nd runner), Miss China (3rd runner up), and Miss French Polynesia (4th runner up).

In the top 20 were the representatives of Singapore, Montenegro, Turkmenistan, Nigeria, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, France, Canada, Malaysia,Phuket, Poland, Guatemala, Altai, Kyrgyzstan and Romania.




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